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Anthropological Museum, University of Zurich

  • Prof. Dr. Carel van Schaik,
    Anthropological Institute and Museum,UZH

Botanic Garden, University of Zurich

  • Prof. Dr. Elena Conti,
    Systematic Botany, UZH

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Linder,
    Systematic Botany, UZH

  • Dr. Michael Kessler,
    Systematic Botany, UZH

focusTerra, The Earth Science Research and Information Centre, ETH Zurich

  • Dr. Ulrike Kastrup

Museum of Natural History Thurgau in Frauenfeld

  • Dr. Hannes Geisser

Museum of Natural History Winterthur

  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Konrad Schmutz

Paleontological Museum, University of Zurich

  • Prof. Dr. Hugo Bucher,
    Paleontological Institute, UZH
  • Prof. Marcelo Sánchez,
    Paleontological Institute, UZH

Sauriermuseum Aathal

  • Hans-Jakob Siber

Zurich Zoo

  • Dr. Alex Rübel

  • Nicole Schnyder

Zoological Museum, University of Zurich

  • Prof. Dr. Lukas Keller,
    Zoological Museum, UZH